Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have not taught my youngest to ride a bike yet! I have every good intention, but...it just hasn't happened! So we cruise around town like this...or with the tag along attached. Which is the greatest invention ever and if I could blame someone for the delay, it would be the person who invented that tag along thing! It really is the best! If you have more then one little one it's a MUST have! Here a link if you need one. Also check craigs list for a used one. No this photo isn't us...but it does look just like him. Via Pinterest. Oh and super fun...I am on my way to a jewelry class at the Redux Art Center.

 SHOP NEWS:: iphone 5 cases are coming along...a tad slower then the 4's and Holiday cards will be up soon. I have a few on different site, I'll post this links too.

Have a great Tuesday!
xoxo. dani

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