Thursday, August 30, 2012


 This week has flown by! Here is the run down... School is in full swing and the boys are LOVING it. Yes, so am I. I am busy trying to finish getting settled in rental #2. Pictures to come...still waiting on the dinning room chairs-changing those from chocolate linen to charcoal linen. Dining room fixture-the one hanging in there is cool a lightening designer lived here before...but the purple is just not working for me. She is written up in a little blurb in Charleston Mag this month. Kinda fun. Master-euro shams, three in this fabric. P.S. If you don't follow Shannon"s blog, start now. She is my hook up for fabrics. I still have a good amount of this left over from the kitchen drapes in the old house...not sure if I should have pillows made or the ottoman recovered. Ideas? would love to hear them. With all this moving I am beginning to have a good stash...called UNITs storage. Not cute! Back to the week...I am a little scatter brained! Continue to work on card designs for online publishers...more on that later. Working on my blog redesign. UG! is all I can say about that right now. Going to yoga at the JOE tomorrow night. Super pumped. Its put on my Lululemon, should be huge! All the pretty pics are from my Pinterest...yes, I am still in LOVE with Pinterest. The mommy and little one make me miss my boys at that age. They really do grow up to fast. The last pic is my baby...too big!

xoxo. dani