Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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i am thing that paper in my new laundry room??? kinda fun.
lots going on here...packing, designs, revising, end of the year programs, 
evenings at the beach, paddle boarding...sleep? not too much.

Happy HUMP Day!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is what is going on around here x100....and a little Lacrosse, house hunting, packing, deciding on new projects/products, neighborhoods, places to stop on our summer trek north...scheduling apts. for the boys since we won't be home...until August! Its really crazy. The short of the story. We are in a winter rental, which ends on the last day of school. Thought we would find a new home or build during this past 9 months. None of the above happened. Have found a few homes I LOVE...but lost out on them...other people LOVED them too. So we are going to spend a little time with my parents...which I am secretly PUMPED to do. That means fun family time, old friends, amazing summer weather, playing at the lake all day, cool nights! Maybe I'll even have a little time to read a few books while my parents enjoy their grand children!