Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Yes, I should have been unpacking or playing at the beach with my boys, but I found this super cool new show, 
well, new to me. The PICKER SISTERS on Lifetime. They are Interior Designers turning trash into treasures for their shop in LA. 
Not a new concept, but they do have great pieces. And they look super cute junking...
really, I would be I sweaty mess and these girls look darling!  Love the wagon wheel light fixture 
and the silo swing. I could see my three boys in that swing for our holiday card pic. It's perfect! 
More details here and it's on tonight at 10. I'll try to stay up...

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Lynda 64, back to the beginning... said...

I live in L.A. and many of my friends have been trying to find their store but it doesn't exist. I know a lot about L.A. and have friends in design and we have decided that it just made for the show. If you have anything to prove us wrong...please, please let me know.