Thursday, August 11, 2011


we had so much fun shark fishing. caught two sharks and two sting rays. 
nothing to keep...which is FINE with me.


look how the sidelight is screened. LOVE that. 
need to add to  one of my pinterest boards.

this is my new love! PINTEREST. i have always had piles of magazine pull sheets, photos and sketches. this site holds it all. search a category you like then all these photo come up, you may also dig through every ones boards, peek at their great stuff and repin it to yours! plus there is an ap for it so you will always have the photos, etc. with you when you are out running around.  check it out here and follow me here. as i go through my million piles of ideas getting ready for our move, i can just scan the things i can't live with out and search the site to find a ton of the pics then place them on my board.
much greener living ahead!


Dana said...

Do you have a source for your pinterest definition? It's funny!

daninotes said...

Dana-It was on pinterest...should be on my board words to live by.