Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vacation hunting

I am on the hunt for the perfect family vacation spot. It has to be with in driving distance...I am not a huge fan of flying. I will, but with all the boys it is a nightmare. We have much more fun driving.  We used to go to Seaside when the boys were babies, but really haven't been in that direction in years.  I remember seeing photos of homes in ALYS beach on someones blog a while back. So I googled it.   This place looks beyond perfect! Not to mention these photos have a million design inspirations for my someday homes! For more info here.  If you have any pointers on the best places to stay, eat and see please share.

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Life at the White House said...

We went to Rosemary Beach in 2009 and Alys Beach this past September [our sweet boy on the way is an Alys Beach baby -- haha!]. We plan to go back every.single.year. from now on for our summer family vacation! WE LOVE IT THERE!!

The architecture and design in both developments are simply amazing. Alys Beach is newer, but has more of a resort type feel than Rosemary in my opinion.

After staying in amazing homes in both developments, we have decided to go back to Rosemary Beach from now on.....something about it...it is just truly the perfect destination (and it's a 2 minute bike ride to Alys Beach if you want to ride around at night and look at the homes / visit Charlie's Donut Truck, etc.). It's a tad more family oriented, while still very upscale.

Here's a link that has photos of restaurant / area recs from our Rosemary trip: http://littlepinkshadetree.blogspot.com/2009/08/recapwith-pictures.html

Here's a link to the carriage house we rented in Rosemary (the main house can also be rented and is GORGEOUS...but it was just the two of us): http://www.vrbo.com/159094

Here's the main house: http://www.vrbo.com/210657

And here's a link to the Alys Beach house we stayed at this past summer: http://www.vrbo.com/205121
**We rented it for $320 a night when things were VERY slow there. Such a steal!

Best of luck finding the perfect place ---- the homes are all gorgeous and you cannot go wrong w/ either Alys Beach or Rosemary Beach!!!